Physiotherapists are commonly afflicted in that they cannot help but notice how those around them move and hold themselves. It is the result of many years (no I’m not going to admit how many!) observing the human body and seeing the effect of subtle changes to this, often resulting in pain or making ones movement less efficient.

As a Physiotherapist, who is also a Certified Pilates instructor, I tend to be more interested in the therapeutic and preventative qualities of Pilates as an exercise form, and see the aesthetic effects as an added bonus.

However, I was out this Saturday for a Christmas do that some of my lovely clients were at too. When we go to a Christmas do, we tend to make an effort and put on our best party attire which makes us feel good. Even at a Christmas do, I cannot help observing the posture and movement patterns of those around me.  I noticed that the people who looked their best in their party attire were those with good posture - this makes such a difference to how a shirt hangs or a dress looks. And yes, I am very proud to say my clients won hands down!!

Investing in an outfit for a party can help one to feel good but investing in the body it hangs on, can be so much better an investment!