Pilates For People With Injuries and/or Pain

If you have a condition or injury that causes you to experience pain, you will change your posture and the way that you move, which will lead to additional pain.  Pilates can help correct these changes by:

  • Improving your awareness of your body
  • Improving your posture
  • Correcting the balance of muscles working around your joints
  • Return your body to normal ways of moving

This will help your body to work more efficiently, leading to decreased pain and a lower likelihood of repeat injury. 

Due to the large financial impact that recurrent back pain has on society, it has been the area where most research has been carried out to see the effect of Pilates. Studies have shown that Pilates can reduce low back pain and disability.  It has also been shown to reduce the recurrence of low back pain.

Before I was practising Pilates regularly, I experienced year-long back and leg pain (sciatica) myself and I can vouch for this personally.