Pilates For Active and Sports People

Our bodies are designed to work in a balanced way with a strong core as its foundation. Pilates works to encourage this.  

Muscle Balance and Core Strength

Many sports and activities do no use our bodies in a balanced way but tend to strengthen and shorten the muscles one side of a joint (e.g. the front of the shoulder in a tennis player) and allow the muscles on the other side of the joint to get long and weak. Such an imbalance can lead to injuries and poor technique or performance.

By strengthening the core muscles and correcting the balance of muscles working around your joints with Pilates exercises, you can decrease the likelihood of injuries.  

Pilates improves flexibility, co-ordination, balance and mental focus which will help improve technique and/or performance.

A Balanced Body

A beautiful example of a balanced body running is Jessica Ennis' running technique where there is minimal movement of her pelvis.  For other runners who are not as well balanced, I could predict that they would struggle with back pain and hamstring injuries amongst other injuries and not perform as well.

Pilates and Professional Sportspeople

The value of Pilates in sports people is increasingly being acknowledged.  People who use Pilates as part of their training include Jessica Ennis, Andy Murray and Bradley Wiggins.