I am now celebrating the 2 year birthday of Macclesfield Physio Pilates! What an amazing learning curve these past 2 years have been! 

When you are starting a new business you hear many words of wisdom. The most common being the first two years are the tricky ones. So it feels a real achievement to be at this point! One quote that I always remember is ‘starting your own business is like falling off a cliff and making a plane on the way down!’  Well I think I have thankfully made the plane before the point of impact and am now mastering flying it!

One way I thought I would mark this milestone was with a Reflective blog!

So what have I learnt?

Physiotherapists are commonly afflicted in that they cannot help but notice how those around them move and hold themselves. It is the result of many years (no I’m not going to admit how many!) observing the human body and seeing the effect of subtle changes to this, often resulting in pain or making ones movement less efficient.

The New Year is often a time for reflection and for many to plan what they would like to achieve over the coming year.  A common statement is New Year- New me! “New Me” can mean many different things to different people.